About Us

Mac Gold (Mac) is the culmination of the vision, drive and passion of its Founder Brian McConnell to create a new Company ; To offer shareholders a Company that operates gold projects safely and cost efficiently and developing them to their full potential.

Mac is an enterprise with a very clear guiding principal;

To focus on building superior and sustainable returns for our shareholders by investing only in those GOLD  PROJECTS that provide excellent long-term potential for capital growth.

We have grown quickly.  The executive team at Mac are professionals with both specialist knowledge and extensive relationships in theGold Industry. This is our edge; using our combined knowledge and network to identify and secure the best GOLD  investments for our shareholders.

The Mac team is very excited by the momentum of the GOLD INDUSTRY worldwide. We are confident that GOLD MINING Technologies will continue to advance and we are equally determined that Mac will be positioned to play a major role in the global GOLD  market. 


What we do at MAC Energy

Mac offers a GOLD MINING OPPORTUNITY, nimble moving agile, as an Agent of Change in the GOLD space


Our Mission at MAC Energy

Mac Gold (Mac) is focused on building long-term value for our shareholders by investing in Energy Technologies that are designed to provide affordable, clean and reliable power for our customers.