Our Mission & Values

MAC Gold is an 'upstart' with a mission to build a world class renewables energy investment company renowned for its brand and successful strategies. MAC is responding to an unprecedented global demand for green energy; a ‘revolution’ with outcomes likely to rival the invention of the steam engine. MAC is prioritizing lithium as the driver of battery storage and other revolutionary technologies and phasing into other inexhaustible areas of green energy such as sun, wind and geothermal as opportunities arise. Our strategy is to protect shareholder wealth through highly liquid quality investments that are quickly redeemable whilst maximizing returns through astute investments and nimble business deals in the booming green energy space.

Driven by Passion. Guided by Values.

We are always guided in our work and our interaction with others by our values. These values are the core of the Mac team. They are our culture.

Our Shareholders Come First.

Everything we do must always be in our shareholders best interest.

Passion Leads to Success.

We pursue excellence because we are emotionally, intellectually and spiritually engaged in our work. However, winning means nothing unless how we get there is fair, collaborative and contributes to the greater good.

We cherish our diversity and respect our differences. Our values guide our behaviour and ultimately they determine our success. 


What we do at MAC Energy

Mac offers a GOLD MINING OPPORTUNITY, nimble moving agile, as an Agent of Change in the GOLD space


Our Mission at MAC Energy

Mac Gold (Mac) is focused on building long-term value for our shareholders by investing in Energy Technologies that are designed to provide affordable, clean and reliable power for our customers.