Projects / Acquisition

12th July 2016                      Breaking News
MAC Gold announced today that it is reviewing two confidential agreements relating to lithium deposits in Australia and Nevada,USA.
MAC Chairman Brian McConnell describes MAC as an 'upstart' with the mission to build a world class renewables energy investment company renowned for its brand and successful strategies. He said MAC has a 'very clear vision for its future success'.
He said MAC is prioritizing LITHIUM as the driver of battery storage and other revolutionary technologies, then phasing into other inexhaustible areas of green energy investment such as sun, wind and geothermal as opportunities arise.
"We plan to release more news about our LITHIUM agreements as soon as practical", said Mr. McConnell.


What we do at MAC Gold

Mac offers a DISRUPTIVE Service in the Energy Business, an Agent of Change in the Energy space.


Our Mission at MAC Gold

Mac Gold (Mac) is focused on building long-term value for our shareholders by investing in Energy Technologies that are designed to provide affordable, clean and reliable power for our customers.